Thank you and Goodbye has been an independent source of informations and archive for hundreds (or more) of people across the world, providing support and details via the web from January 2006, when it started as a passion from a young guy.
It has been (and still is) the only source in english about the Carnival of Acireale.

This important event is today undergoing a deep change in its structure and, mostly, ideology, skipping away from its past and in constant change.
For this and other reasons, is not able to quickly provide the same amount of latest news, initiatives, and updates. does not close its virtual doors, but stops to be the first reference as it used to be for 10 years, inviting you all to contact directly the organisers.
For now, you can check the official 2016 Schedule and all the other infos at the official website, sadly in Italian only.

About us, the website might have a change and renewal in the future.

Thank you all for your attention, enthusiasm and passion.
Bye for now.

Rosario Cutuli